Hitting the road

I’ll be setting off on my road trip at the end of July. A plan has emerged that will take me up to mid-Sept.

I’ll start in Colorado, then wind my way up to McCall, Idaho where I fought forest fires for the US Forest Service 50 years ago. I’ll visit with folk along the way and spend some time in McCall catching up with old friends. From there I’ll swing by Washington and Oregon, again having conversations, visiting friends and finding interesting places to explore. I’ll move south into California and end up in Arizona.

I’ve hired a car for this leg of the road trip. I don’t want to be stuck on this mode of transport, but it’s good for the West. From Flagstaff AZ I’ll travel on Amtrak to Chicago. No idea on the miles I’ll travel out West, but I suspect I’ll need to have some long days to compensate for the pottering around interesting places and stopping to meet folk. Circuitous comes to mind.

I’ve emailed friends who I haven’t seen for many years to let them know roughly when I’ll be in their neck of the woods. I want to hear from them what America is like, and I’ll also have random conversations en route with folk I meet. I’ve got the Rough Guide to the USA to help me find interesting places to visit. And a Rand McNally Road Atlas of the US to guide me along the way.

I don’t know what I’ll find or what I’ll hear, but that’s the purpose of my road trip!

USFS McCall Helitack 1973
Western US for start of road trip
Handy guide for the road trip
Road map of all the States
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  1. Looking forward to seeing you John. We had the opposite experience of moving from Scotland to the USA thrifty years ago. We have been somewhat overwhelmed by the pace of change in the USA – especially in this century. I haven’t felt the same about the UK when I’ve gone back – a lot had changed but I feel in a less fundamental way. Really looking forward to talking to you in person. Travel safely!

  2. It is an impressive project (as is your fabulous website) for which you must be congratulated. Trish and I wish you great success and we look forward to reading all about it. Stay safe.

  3. So looking forward to hearing the news / opinions / conversations and lessons about how and why your c country has changed, is changing and what the younger generations are planning for.
    Happy and productive wanderings John.
    Cheering you on.

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